Hapara Highlights

****IMPORTANT - Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on handling students logged into multiple devices or multiple students logged into the same device.****

Hapara Highlights helps you see what learners are doing in the Google Chrome Browser in near-real-time. Feedback mechanisms allow you to reinforce pro-learning behaviour and re-direct unfocused behaviour. You can remotely open or close a browser tab on learner devices to re-focus them to the task at hand. You can share files, sites or URLs with your students easily.

Hapara Highlights also allows you to directly send messages to students and provide more personalised and private feedback. Highlights supports you in engaging students in conversations about their learning and online behavior. You can also tag activities to provide guidance and feedback at any time.

Click HERE for 'Highlights Overview' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Activity Viewer' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Snaps' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Sending a Message to Learner' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Opening Tabs, Focused Browsing and Schedule Browsing' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Handling a student who is logged into multiple devices' documentation.

Click HERE for 'Handling Multiple students who are logged into the same device' documentation.

Click HERE to enter a ticket for a student whose screen is not receiving the 'Forced Browsing' command.